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The heart of wellnessTM

A range of health supplements that concentrate the heart health and wellness benefits of the Mediterranean diet in to a capsule.

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Introducing Ellinol, an innovative line of  dual benefit health supplements that revolutionise the heart health and wellness advantages of the Mediterranean diet by encapsulating them into a novel form – a capsule enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) abundant in polyphenols and fortified with nature’s most potent antioxidant, Hydroxytyrosol.

Heart Health

EVOO/Hydroytyrosol formulation plus Resveratrol & Vitamin D for enhanced cardiovascular & heart health

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Cognitive Support

EVOO/Hydroxytyrosol formulation plus Gingko biloba for cardiovascular and cognitive health

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Joint Support

EVOO/Hydroxytyrosol formulation plus turmeric for cardiovascular and joint support

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Digestive Support

EVOO/Hydroxytyrosol formulation plus artichoke extract for cardiovascular and digestive support

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Immune Support

EVOO/Hydroxytyrosol formulation plus Vitamin C and Zinc for cardiovascular amd immune support

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